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WFD responds to structure fire Dec. 30


WARRENSBURG — The Warrensburg Fire Department responded to the report of a structure fire, arriving on scene at 6:53 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 30, in the 800 block of North Holden Street. 

Interim Fire Chief Doyle Oxley said the cause of the fire is currently undetermined and the state fire marshal and local law enforcement are investigating. 

The fire was reported by a neighbor in the area. No flames were visible but smoke could be seen coming from the attic gable vents. 

Crews had the main fire out by 6:59 p.m., a smaller fire was out by 7:10 and hot spots were extinguished as overhaul was conducted. 

“First fire we knocked out pretty quick,” Oxley said. “Second one, we had to dig our way to get to it.” 

The first fire was located at the meeting point of a hallway, bathroom and bedroom. The attic and approximately a quarter of the house has fire and smoke damage. 

Oxley said the likely origin of the fire was in the attic or ceiling area. 

While conducting overhaul, two firefighters climbed on the roof of the building. 

“In an attic fire, what we try to do, if it’s gotten to the attic, we try to cut a hole in the attic to release the superheated gases out of the attic,” Oxley said. “If they didn’t cut a hole, that means the interior got it knocked before they got to cutting. … We don’t want to go sawing holes in this kind of weather in people’s attics. If we can relieve the heat by taking the vents and the gables out, then they still have cover over the building.” 

The WFD was assisted by the Johnson County Fire Protection District, Johnson County Ambulance District and the Warrensburg Police Department. 

Crews left the scene at 10:42 p.m.